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Windows 8 Password Recovery – How to Remove or Reset Windows 8 Password with Four Methods

It is likely that much persons chase for the new and novel products than before. You may wait for the price of the newest Samsung Galaxy S4 and then buy it and sell out your iPhone 5 to other people. Probably you are just enjoying the Google Glass and been fascinated by its convenience. Maybe you are looking forward to the release next Apple iPhone 5s or possibly you are using the Microsoft Windows computer to see my article here. But what is your next new favorite? Only you and God know.

Our world is always changing every year, every hour or even every second. You would never know what it will happen in the next minute. But we can’t often fall into temptation; there must be some products we stick to. In my opinion, it may surprise you but my favorite product is Microsoft. Are you a Microsoft fan or do you have any friends or your colleague to be a Microsoft fan? Perhaps I am. I have used the product of Microsoft Windows OS, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Windows Phone and Microsoft Windows live. And several months ago I just got a new Microsoft Windows 8 laptop as my birthday present.


To talk about Windows 8, I usually have a love and hate relationship with it. There is no denying that it is different from other computers with different OS. However, in the function of login password, I got some trouble on it recently. I carelessly lost Windows 8 password last week and can’t access it. How can I recover or remove it? As usual I attempt to ask the QA website and then I got these options as below.

Alternative 1: Recover Windows 8 password with re-installing OS.

If you still feel confused for recovering Windows 8 password, then one of your alternatives is to re-install your computer operating system. That is very simple if you have a Windows 8 password recovery disk and enough professional knowledge in computers. But once you attempt to re-install your OS, all the stuff on your disk C will be lost at the same time. So if you have any important images, video, document or software that placed in your desktop, you have to treat this method with caution.

Alternative 2: Crack Windows 8 password with password hint.

When you go to the control panel and create the login password, you are invited to type a password hint meanwhile. You can press any information that can help you to remind your password. You can create the hint message such as your birthday or your telephone or anything else. Don’t underestimate the password hint because it will be a good helper when you forgot Windows 8 password by accident. Attention that it won’t appear when you cannot remember your password. Thus if you can recall the lost password with the help of password hint, you will reduce much time in finding it out.

Alternative 3: Reset Windows 8 password with password reset disk.

Just like the password hint, the password reset disk must be prepared before you cannot login your computer. It can help you reset your password and then use the newly password to log in your computer. Therefore if you have a Windows 8 password reset disk, everything will be easy to deal with; else you have to refer other methods.

Alternative 4: Remove Windows 8 password with an app.

The last but not least measure is to draw support from third-party software. Such apps can be searched all over the Internet but the SmartKey Windows Password Recovery is better than any other else. It is a professional Windows 8 password recovery tool that can remove your password at the maximum extent. It supports all the versions of Windows OS and it does well in Windows login password or local password or admin password or domain password recovery.

For more details you can visit or watch a related video from Youtube website.

It is very helpful, comprehensive and concrete for my password recovery Windows 8 question. I think I have to make a decision as soon as possible. Do you think which one I will choose? The password hint, the password reset disk, the Windows 8 password unlocker or reinstalling my OS directly?


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