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Windows Password Recovery – Is it Always Such A Pain to Forget Windows Password?

There is no doubt that Microsoft Windows OS is the most popular operating system in the world. Almost all the computers in the market install Windows OS, except for Mac OS. If you happen to be a Windows OS user, do you create a password on it? If yes, have you ever forgotten your created Windows password? If no, you can really a lucky guy because every day there is millions of people who lost Windows password for numbers of reasons. Once you forgot Windows password, who will you ask for? Do you think it is too difficult to recover Windows password? Is it always such as pain to forget Windows password? Perhaps it is not so hard.


Why we forgot Windows password frequently?

Have you ever thought about the reason that you forgot Windows password, just like it is your homework that assigned by your teacher? Not really, perhaps. Many Windows OS users seldom think of that. But we are able to make a summary to the reasons.

1. You had a bad memory to remember your Windows password because of your age. We all know that with the increase of a person’s age, we are easily to forget something. In some cases this is a normal phenomenon, while in other situations it is a sickness that results in.

2. You are so busy to remember your Windows password. Perhaps you have a very busy work and you have to remember everything in your work and life. It is able to be the password of your steel safe, a lot of telephone numbers of your client or the time of your meetings. Therefore to forget Windows password is by no means an unbelievable issue.

Now that you forgot Windows password by your own, can you leave it alone or sell it to other person and buy a new computer? That sounds to be a reasonless behavior. Thus, you need to learn how to recover Windows password.

How to solve Windows password recovery problem?

Actually, to recover Windows password, there are many options. You can try the safe mode, the Windows password reset disk or use the admin privilege. Besides, to take advantage of a Windows password recovery program is also a good way. No matter what the way is, as long as you can recover lost Windows password, it is the right method.

As far as I am concerned, I will recommend the last measure to recover Windows password. Here I will take the program method as an example to help you solve Windows password recovery problem.

Step 1: Download and install a Windows password recovery program to another accessible PC, such as SmartKey Windows Password Recovery.

Step 2: Prepare a blank or trashy USB flash drive and burn it to the unlocked computer. Then burn the program to it. After that, take the USB to your locked computer.

Step 3: Insert the USB to your PC and then do as the instruction shows to recover or remove Windows password successfully. After that you can login to your Windows account soon.

PS: No matter what your Windows OS is (Windows 8, Windows 7 or Windows XP), Windows Password Recovery can be your Windows 8 password unlocker, Windows XP password removal, Windows Vista password cracker or Windows 7 password recovery tool, especially for Windows 7. For Windows XP, it is even a Windows XP password recovery tool and for Windows Vista it is a Windows Vista password recovery tool. That is the main reason that I trust such tools because you have no worry about what your Windows OS is. Therefore, in a word, it is not a pain to forget Windows password.


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