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6 Updates that Windows Blue (Windows 8.1) Needs to Have

As we all know, Windows 8 is a Windows OS that is changed more than any other Windows Operating System. However, it is because of these changes that lead to lots of relentless criticism. At present, Microsoft is updating Windows 8.1 and from the leaked news we can see that some of the functions that the Windows users hope to bring back are added, such as the synchronization option.


Besides, there were rumors that Windows Blue is actually Windows 8.1 and the option to start to desktop will be added in this updating of Windows 8, so as the Start button. But there is no exact evidence to prove that. For the promotion of Windows Blue, every user has his or her own opinion. Here are 6 updates of the viewpoints from them that they think Windows Blue needs to have.

1. Boot to the desktop

In Windows 8, the system will enter the Start screen that is full of live tiles after starting, instead of the familiar and traditional desktop. If they would like to modify it they have to make use of the third party software or the strong Windows task planning program. Fortunately, there are rumors that Microsoft is likely to add the option to boot to the desktop in Windows blue.

2. The Start button

In order to let its users to stay more time in Modern UI, Microsoft cancels the Start button. This means that the previous familiar operating mode does no longer exist. When the users move their mouse to the lower left button, it is only an obtrusive thumbnail of the Start screen. This is also one of the unacceptable changes of Windows OS users. But there are rumors that the Start button will be back in Windows 8.1 but its function will not to simply open the start menu but to enter the Start screen.


3. The dynamic interface switching

Only with an adjustment, all the complaints of the desktop and the Start screen will be solved, that is dynamic interface switching. If the Windows 8 is able to connect keyboard and mouse when it is started, it will boot to the desktop. If the system can detect that the main output mode is touch panel, it will boot to the Start careen. That is a perfect solution but we don’t know that whether Microsoft can do it.

4. Default applications are updated

Those proved to be right desktop default applications were given up in Windows 8 by Microsoft, and instead, they are changed to Modern style applications. Certainly, those new apps are beautiful but the key function is lacking of.

5. Run the Modern applications in desktop mode

If Microsoft would like to encourage its users to attempt the Modern applications, it is a good idea to run these apps in desktop mode and perhaps the users will be willing to have a try.


6. More powerful PC setting

In the previous leaked version of Windows 8.1, the more PC setting will be added to, such as the SkyDrive setting interface and screen resolution, but this is not enough. All the operating that users in the desktop mode can do should be added to the PC setting; otherwise they will have to enter the desktop to adjust.


What else about Windows Blue (Windows 8.1)?

Anyway, we expect that Windows Blue is able to change the current situation of Windows 8. All though there are a lot of rumors about Windows Blue, we can just wait for the better future of Windows OS of Microsoft. For other information about Windows 8, such as Windows 8 password recovery, you can visit this article in this blog:

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