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Opinions on Whether Windows 8 Results in the PC Sales Decline or Not

Recently authority figures show that in the first quarter of this year the global Windows personal computer sales fall 14% or so, which is able to be the highest quarterly decline in the last two decades. At the same time some reports had said that the decline in PC sales attributed to the bad design of Microsoft Windows 8, while others put forward to another different and new opinion that it is because the low price of Windows 8. Windows 8 is easily compatible with the old hardware and that suppresses the users to buy new PCs, moreover, those customers who are willing to buy Windows 8 change their minds to the tablets such as Surface Pro instead of PCs. Now let’s see the detail information of these two opinions.



Opinion 1: Don‘t blame PC sales decline on Windows 8

There is no denying that the PC sales is declining and we have no idea that whether the situation will be worse or not. However, if we charge the whole faults on Windows 8, it seems not to be so sane and fair. The real reason is that the definition of Windows 8 is changing.

In addition, Windows 8 can be run in the old hardware and it provides a low price. In that case, the customers have no motive power to buy a new PC, the same as those persons who plan to use Windows 8. In the meantime, many people choose Surface Pro or other tablets because of this reason. This phenomenon has influence on the statistics data, because the analyst has not combined the data of PC with tablets in the same market.

Moreover, Microsoft offers a low price of Windows 8, while in the past the price of a new OS is usually high, then few users were willing to buy a new PC with a new operating system instead of buying a new system. Now the price is low and they don’t have to change a new hardware. Thus, they prefer upgrading Windows 8 to buying a new PC.

Last but not the least, in some person’s eyes we have in the post-PC era, but as a matter of fact, tablet is a kind of PC. They are only different from the size and the appearance. The market of tablet won’t replace the PC, because tablet actually belongs to the PC. In a word, don’t blame PC sales decline on Windows 8.


Opinion 2: Windows 8 Fails to Promote PC Sales

In the past years, when a new Windows OS came to the market, it is likely to spur the PC sales. However, since the launch of Windows 8, it has not yet gained the favor of some customers in some way.

On one hand, some users mention that there are a lot of Windows 8 bugs while using it, even though it has a beautiful and new user interface. Such as:

  • Windows 8 Explorer Title bar Bug – Click the title bar in a Window and select the item but the title bar context menu has no change on screen.
  • Taskbar Context Menu Bug – Right click on the Task bar in a certain condition and then this bug will appear.
  • Windows 8 Taskbar Bug – Show Windows XP style old balloon in the taskbar.
  • Task Manager Maximize Option Bug – Everything may be maximized and shown in the task manager.
  • Notepad Status bar Bug – Wrong row and column numbers may be displayed in the notebook.
  • Windows 8 Start Screen Bug – Search for an app using “Search” option and then the bug will occur.
  • Aero Glass Transparency Bug – A broken aero glass transparency is allowed to enable.

Currently, there is even another Windows 8 bug on twitter app. Also, another problem is that although Windows 8 provides the different login password mode, still many persons forgot Windows 8 password by accident, therefore they had to bypass Windows 8 login screen.

On the other hand, a lot of customers are accustomed to Windows 7 and had no decision to change a new PC. Therefore they are not willing to guy a new PC; even it configures the latest OS – Windows 8. In summary, Windows 8 fails to promote PC sales.


My Opinion on Windows 8 and PC sales decline

Whether Windows 8 results on PC sales decline or not is actually a controversial issue. I am not a crazy Windows 8 fan who pays close attention to Microsoft Windows news, but as far as I am concerned, we cannot attribute the fault to only Windows 8. We might as well have confidence in Microsoft and look forward to the better performance of it, perhaps Windows 8.1, Windows 9 or other OS in the future.


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