Reset Windows 8 Login Password

Windows 8 Password Reset – How to Reset or Recover Windows 8 Password Without Reinstalling System

For those persons who have installed Windows 8 in their computers, perhaps they have confused that whether they are able to create a password on Windows 8 as easy as Windows 7. Even though they have heard that Windows 8 has a pin password and also the picture password, but most of them still used to the common login password mode. However, there is a problem that they have to face with. That is they forgot or lost Windows 8 login password by accident and they have no way to reset or recover Windows 8 password by themselves.

windows 8 password reset

Windows 8 password reset

So what is your opinion about how to reset or recover Windows 8 password? Most of the Windows 8 users are not the professional computer fans, they are just the common Windows 8 users and some of them even know little about computers. Therefore, once they lost or forgot their login password, a number of them will try to reinstall their system and perhaps it is the only method they know in their life when they have trouble in their computers.

However, it is not only one way to solve their Windows 8 password reset issues. It is not because that they are idiots, just because the computer knowledge is not their interests and also they have no enough time to know more about the computer tips. But as a matter of fact, to reinstall their Windows 8 system is not a good method because they will lose all the data in the pc.

But could we say that the lost password Windows 8 users have no ideas in that common sense? I think most of them know that consequence. In that case, how can they decide to reinstall their Windows system? In my opinion, that is because they have no other ways to deal with their computer. In their eyes, to unlock their computer with reinstalling is more important than to lose their data and perhaps in that way their loss is less.

Nevertheless, is there only one way to help you with password recovery Windows 8 problem when you lost Windows 8 password? Absolutely no! You can also use another method and with this method you won’t lose your data in your Windows 8 laptop or desktop at all. That is to use a Windows password recovery tool.

What is the Windows password recovery tool? In a word, that is the so called third party Windows password recovery software. Why we prefer to choose the Windows password recovery software instead of reinstalling the Windows 8 operating system? It is because to make use of the Windows password recovery software you will not lose your data in your pc.

Now that the Windows password recovery software is better, which is the best Windows 8 password recovery software? I can’t tell you what the best one is because there are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people’s eyes. I only introduce you a tool I have used and also useful. That is the SmartKey Windows Password Recovery. It is the better tool I have used to recover lost Windows password.

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