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How to Create a Windows 8 Password Reset Disk?

More evidence has surfaced indicating that Windows 8 is on track for an October release. So, are you one of the people who are waiting for the new OS? Anyway, I am sure Windows 8 will be a huge success. But here today, I’d like to talk something about Windows 8 password. We all know if we forgot Windows 7 or XP password, the easiest way to recover it is using a Windows 7 or XP password reset disk. Likewise, if we forgot Windows 8 password, we can also use a Windows 8 password reset disk to find or reset it. Now, let’s discuss how to create Windows 8 password reset disk.

As we all know, Windows allows users to create a password reset disk as long as the computer is still logged on. Windows 8 is not an exception either. Then follow the below instructions to create a Windows 8 password reset disk in advance

1. Log on Windows 8 with the target password protected user account, then press the Win+F key combination to bring up the Search page, here you will need to switch over to the Settings section.

2. Now search for User Accounts. Then in the left panel of User Accounts section, select the link to “Create a password reset disk”.

3. You now can see a Wizard, and at the same time insert your USB to the computer and make sure it well connected before clicking “Next” on the Wizard interface. In the following, you just need to simply follow the wizard to finish Windows 8 password reset disk creating. When it finishes, please just take out the USB and store it in a safe place.

Note: The above method to create a Windows 8 password reset disk only works for local user account. If you choose to sign in with a Live ID, you will have to reset your password with an alternative method.

However, if you didn’t create a Windows password reset disk before you found you’ve locked out from your computer, then you have to resort to a professional third-party Windows password recovery application. As for the application, I personally think from personal experience that Windows Password Reset Deluxe could be your best choice. for more information of this app, you can visit the below site:


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