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Windows 8: How Much Have You Got Known?

Windows 8: How Much Have You Got Known?

I am sure computer users from all over the world have known the upcoming Windows 8. In May, the Preview of Windows 8 has been released out. And in October, the new and popular OS will be expected for official release. Are you eager to get such an amazing OS? Well, no matter if you are or not, first you need have a thorough understanding over it, after all, you should buy things what you want and what suit you best. Remember: never shop vaguely. Thankfully, this article will make you better know Windows 8. Below are some new features of Windows 8:

1.       Metro style user interface.

Metro style is Windows 8’s new location for launching applications. It includes updating live tiles that you can regroup as you desire, increasing the flexibility of your Windows 8 experience. However, this new feature has attracted bitter dispute among supporters and opponents of Windows 8. People who dislike this OS think it would be horrible and frustrating for desktop users, and they agree that Windows 8 will force users to use touch. So, what’s your opinion? Would you like this feature?

2.       Picture password.

In Windows 8, a unique approach to logging in is offered—letting you use a picture as your computer password besides traditional passwords and 4-digit PIN numbers. So in total there will be 3 methods to log in Windows 8. This picture login really draws lots of attentions. That means users will log in Windows 8 by drawing with specific gestures on their favorite photo. However, just like other Windows-OS based computers, people are also very likely to forget Windows 8 password and have the risk of computer being locked. Then if so, don’t worry, you can use this tool: Windows Password Reset Pro to easily and quickly perform password for Windows 8 recovery.

3.       Internet Explorer 10.

New OS, new browser—Internet Explorer 10., will come along with. Microsoft has promised to deliver enhanced speed and flawless security with a better HTML5 support. I bet many people are looking forward to such new browser.

Of course, there are many more other new features of Windows 8, and there may be lots of difficulties many people may get in using this new OS. Well, all you don’t need to worry about too much, please just follow me on my blog. In the end, if you are interested in this Windows 8 password recovery tool, you can get more information at this site:



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