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Windows 8 black screen of death?-here’s the solution!

Got a problem of your windows 8 black screen?

When you press the button to boot your computer in the morning, your operating system which is windows 8 won’t occur but it runs into black screen of death. Meanwhile, you would be doubtful about what is wrong of your computer? What to do now? Where is the annoying error from?
You may feel lost and the first reaction is to take a system automatic repair. If it works, congratulation! But what if the program makes no difference to the system? Take it easy, we can troubleshoot this issue as following steps:
windows 8 black screen

How to deal with windows 8 black screen when automatic repair is failed

At first, if you windows 8 boot black screen comes up just after changes something in your computer, that should be the cause and what you should do is enter into the system under safe mode, then recover the changes you made before.

Secondly, sometimes virus or malware can also arouse windows black screen, then a anti-virus program should be launch under safe mode.

Thirdly, make use of the famous software Windows Boot Genius, which is a mutilfunctional tool on fixing computer errors. It plays a good performance on windows 8 boot repair. We just need to do as the wizard shows and issues can be fixed in several minutes.

There are many soluions allow us to fix windows 8 black screen of death issue in addition to above ones, either known or unknown means. Reinstall the system can also remove the error. But the most important issue is which solution is the best? It is obviously that taking the software is much more convenient and effective, but it is appropriate for someone who can afford the software. Compared with having the computer repair by others, the software is much cheaper.


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