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Unlock Windows 7 Password – Top 3 Ways on How to Unlock Password on Win 7

Do you know how to unlock Windows 7 password when you forgot or lost the password of Windows 7 PC? It is really a question that we care for a long time and talk for so many times. But there are still some persons confuse about how to unlock Windows 7 password. It is actually important; also some Windows 7 users make a stupid mistake to reinstall their Windows 7 OS. However, they don’t try their best to backup their materials before they reinstalling their system, so they lost not only their data but also their password.


unlock Windows 7 password

Wow, that is really a disaster to lose Windows 7 password and if you have not found out a quick way to unlock Windows 7 and it is also a way you have to do because if you don’t, you can’t access your desktop or laptop successfully. It is what we don’t want to see and without the password or without logon to the account successfully, you can’t do anything with the computer. OMG! That is really a nightmare!

Therefore, what is the best way to unlock Windows 7 password? I think you can try to use one of four methods to do that and quickly access your computer.

Method 1: Unlock Windows 7 password with the hint

You can unlock Windows 7 administrator password with the password hint because it is one of the easier ways. But sometimes it depends on whether you are lucky or not. The password hint is created by you and the meaning is also typed by you, so only you can know what the password hint means and only if you remember what the password hint mean. Such as Kobe Bryant is a password hint, so you have to guess the Windows 7 login password with this hint.


Method 2: Unlock Windows 7 password with reset disk

You can also learn how to unlock Windows 7 using a Windows 7 password reset disk. It is sometimes an excellent way for your computer. But you have to get this password reset disc at first because sometimes people can’t find out this reset disk for their computers. So this is a good way but it also has limitation.


Method 3: Unlock Windows 7 password with CMD

You can also use the CMD to unlock Windows 7 with this Windows 7 password unlock way. But what is the right way to do that? You can login your computer with another admin account which has admin privileges. Just click the Start button and then type in the CMD in the search box and then type the Enter button. Then the command screen will appear. You can type in the “net user”, “user name”, “new password” and then your locked account password will be replaces with another password, then you can login your user account with the new password. Remember that the premise is that the account that lost password is not the admin account, so you can use an admin account to enter your computer.


Method 4: Unlock Windows 7 password with Windows 7 password unlocker

You can also use the Windows 7 password software to unlock the password such as the SmartKey Windows Password Recovery. It is a powerful and magical Windows password unlocker to unlock any computers with Windows operating system. It is safe, fast and small. I think you can check out for more details about it.



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