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Troubleshoot the system with windows 7 boot disk

More common use of windows 7 boot disk

Usually, the system on the computer would becomes unstable and even can’t boot by uncertain reasons after has been used for a long time. No one can accept this for whom use computer everyday. In case our system works like that, we’d better create a Windows boot disk and these following steps may be readily available for us to take care of the condition.

Troubleshoot the system with windows boot disk

We can find many techniques to burn a windows 7 boot disk, but majority of them are either too complicated or does not work. In accordance with my experience, we can complete the whole process within three easy ways. What we need are just a cd or usb,a workable computer and a powerful tool like Windows Boot Genius. Then we’re able to troubleshoot system error with the disk.

At first. create a windows 7 boot disk
You have to download Windows Boot Genius and install it right into a computer ,then insert the CD/USB and run the program to burn the usb .

Step two. boot your personal machine from CD/USB
Enter the BIOS and alter the Boot Device Priority ,then save the alterations and exit.

Third step. troubleshoot you windows 7 while using the disk
Insert the CD/USB you will access into a WinPE system, and click the Windows Boot Genius icon there on the desktop. Then config the parameter according to your trouble. This rescuing process would last in a few minutes.

Since the time past, it is a period of information refresh quickly, Maybe you will find there’s better one for you to lose windows 7 boot disk, vista boot disk or xp boot disk, etc. when you have time and energy to search on the internet. please tell me if you learn it, I will be thankful.


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