Reset Windows 8 Login Password

How to reset windows 8 password when you forgot login password

i have windows 8 cp,i changed my password.i know it but it won’t let me log in even when i use my old one. is there a was to reset my password??
I have see many people met this problem, I will show you how to reset windows 8 password here.

Method One: Reset Password with Password Recovery Disk

If you were smart enough to create a password recovery disk, you can simply boot from that disk and recovery our administrator or login password.
Next time, make sure you learn how to create a password recovery disk in Windows 8 so you can always log in even if you forget the password

Method Two: Reset Windows 8 Password with Safe Mode

You can reset the password in Windows 8 via Safe Mode. If you enabled the safe mode previously
Log into safe mode and from there log into an administrator account to reset your password. This is now always possible.

Method Three: Reset Windows 8 Password with Bootable Registry Editor

You could use this password resetter that allows you to reset passwords for all Windows versions including NT, XP, Vista, 7 and Windows 8
1. Browse to and download the Offline NT Password and Registry editor.
They have a USB version if you don’t have a DVD drive
2. Copy the files to a device
3. Make sure you know the drive letter of the USB device
4. Open a command prompt in Windows 8 and enter X:syslinux.exe -ma X: – replace X with the USB drive letter
Now change the boot order in your BIOS (press DEL on bootup) and set the USB device as the first boot drive


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