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Tutorial to Reset Dell Password When Lost & Forgot

How to reset Dell password?

I got a Dell m1530 desktop some years ago. Yesterday, my stupid brother came to tell me that he changed the password on my Dell desktop but after he logged off, he found he forgot it. Until now, I have tried safe mode to reset my forgotten password, but failed again and again. When I tried to switch users it says you must login and verify your computer. Please do help me and what should I do???


It can be the worst thing when you find your computer password changed by others or forgotten by yourself. But you don’t need to worry too much about this since you might be able to retrieve the lost password with very easy and simple methods. Well, in the following I’ll show you the exact methods to reset dell windows password. (Note: As Dell is embraced Windows operating systems, therefore, to recover Dell password is actually resetting Windows password.)


Retrieve Dell password with other user account available

Personal user accounts and passwords make it easy for multiple people to use one computer. Users can save their individual settings, Internet bookmarks and documents to make for a more personalized experience. If you created several different user accounts on your Dell account before you were locked out from your own user account, and as long as you can still access to other user account on your computer, you then can easily reset your forgotten password and get access to your own account again.


Of course, when you use other user account on your Dell laptop to reset a forgotten or lost password, this kind of user account should be with administrative privileges. If you are in this situation, then the following steps will guide you on how to reset Dell password:

Step1. Log in to your Dell laptop with other accessible user account.

Step2. Click the Start button on your task bar and then navigate to the Search box.

Step3. Now input “lusrmgr.msc” without quotations into the field. Then press Enter on your keyboard.

Step4. Double click Local Users and Groups in the window that appears. Then right click the user account you want to reset the password for and then click Set Password option.

Step5. Type a new password and next confirm it without knowing the original password. Next, click OK to finish forgotten Dell password reset.


Restore Dell password with Windows Password Reset Pro

Not everyone actually creates 2 or more user account on their Dell laptop since they are single user and don’t share the PC with others. If you are one of them, I’m afraid you won’t be able to reset Dell password with the above way, then what else way will work? Well, if you trust me, now follow me to crack a lost Dell password with a tool called Windows Password Reset Pro:

Step1: Download Windows Password Reset Pro to an accessible computer.

Step2: Install and run this tool on the computer and next insert a blank and writable USB flash drive to the PC. (Note: If you don’t have a USB flash drive, you can also use a CD/DVD or a memory card with related card reader.)

Step3: Click “Burn USB” button on the interface to start creating a new Windows password reset disk, once burning finishes, take it out of from the PC, thus a reset disk has been created.

Step4: Insert the created reset disk to the target computer and set this computer boot from USB in BIOS.

Step5: When the laptop restarts, please start to recover Dell password with 3 mouse clicks.

Step6: Reboot your Dell laptop and you will log to your locked account without any password.


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