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How to Remove Windows 8 Password?

“Hi, I have tried everything I can to get rid of my windows 8 password and nothing works. I want to have no password at all on my computer! Anyone here could help me remove Widnows 8 password? Please help!!!”

We all know the upcoming Windows 8 provides many ways to protect our PC or mobile devices with 3 types of passwords: picture password, 4-digit PIN password and traditional text password. Picture password, as a new security feature of Windows 8, could be very popular and neoteric. For someone who is the only user of his computer, sometimes the password is not necessary, then it can be removed. Here in this article i’ll show you how to remove Windows 8 password.

How to remove Windows 8 picture password?

Step1: Click Windows logo button, then give a click on Control Panel icon from Metro screen.

Step2: In the new open window, tap on Users. Then your Windows 8 picture password will be displayed to you.

Step3: Click on Remove button to completely delete the picture password.

How to remove Windows 8 password when it is forgotten?

Indeed, it’s quite easy to remove Windows 8 password for everyone. However, when it is not lost or forgotten, how would you remove it without knowing it? Well, in this situation, you have to find a professional third-party Windows 8 password recovery tool.

Use Windows Password Reset Deluxe to remove password for a locked Windows 8 device.

Briefly speaking, Windows Password Reset Deluxe is designed for resetting or removing forgotten, lost or hacked passwords for all Windows-based computers even including the newest Windows 8 OS. If you have forgotten the traditional text password for your Windows 8 computer or mobile devices, then this Windows 8 password remover tool can help you deleting the password within minutes and later you can log in Windows 8 freely! Now please visit here for more detailed information:


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