Reset Windows 8 Login Password

How to reset lost/forgotten Windows 8 password of free

Just forget or lost your Windows 8 password that you set it in several minutes ago. Will you feel afraid to believe that. Don’t be sad. There are several methods provided for you to reset Windows 8 password of free. You can consider which method is best for you.

Method 1: Reset your Microsoft account password.

Only if you use a Microsoft account to login your Windows 8. There are three steps to reset your Microsoft account. Firstly, access the password reset site. Secondly, verify your identity. Thirdly, locate the security code.

Method 2: Make [educated] Guesses at your Windows 8 password if you are lucky.

If one day, you want to surf the Internet. But you forget your Windows password suddenly. What will you do? I think guess it is the correct answer. You may guess about an aspect of your first, middle, or last name, a fond memory from childhood, where you work or live, or the phone number you remember when you were a kid.

Method 3: Unlock your Windows 8 password using another administrator.

This method only applies to the condition that you set up two or more than two admin passwords. If you have two or more than two admin passwords, you can use the two steps to reset your Windows 8 password successfully. One, access the user accounts panel-Log in to Windows 8 as you would normally using an administrator account. Then manage your another account. Two, reset the password file.
In my opinion, this method is very hard to reset Windows 8 password of free. I don’t understand the meaning of this method completely.

Method 4: Reset your Windows 8 password using Command Prompt [not recommended].

There are 5 steps for this method to help you reset your Windows 8 password of free.
1- Access the advanced startup options.
2- Access the command prompt.
3- Enter the appropriate commands.
4- Reset the password.
5- Log in and reset the defaults.
This method is too complex for me to reset Windows 8 password of free. In my view if you don’t have any professional knowledge about computer operation, you can’t reset your Windows 8 password by using this method.

Method 5: Use Windows 8 password reset tool-Windows Password Key.

Windows Password Key is the best method for me to reset Windows 8 password.

The fastest and easiest way to reset your Windows 8 password of free trials.
Windows 8 Password Key is the easiest and most secure tool to reset Windows 8 password of free in several minutes. It can guarantee the integrity of the information within your computer, there will be no information or folder to be deleted or formatted off. You can reset assured use.

Step 1: Download Windows 8 password reset tool in any accessible computer.

Windows Password KeyStep 2: Insert newly created CD in your CD drive and reboot your computer from CD/ DVD or USB.

Windows Password Key

Step 3: Choose the Windows 8 installation to be processed, choose the user whose password you want to reset by typing it’s number and pressing “ enter”. And then type “y” followed the pressing of “enter” to reset the password.
After the 3 steps above. You can login your computer without password.

In Summary: In case you forget your Windows 8 password and your Windows 8 password reset disk does not work, you should learn about some professional Windows password reset tool, such as Windows Password Key. It can help you reset your Windows 8 password freely in the fastest way.


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