Reset Windows 8 Login Password

I Forgot My Windows Password and What Should I Do?

What to do if I forgot my Windows password?

I know I’m an idiot so spare telling me that. I just changed the password on my computer a few days ago and forgot it. I am the only account on the computer, therefore the administrator. It is now the log in screen and I need to know what I have to do as to logging into my computer. (I am on another computer now obviously). I have Windows Vista.

Home and office computer users often find themselves out of their computer due a lost or forgotten login password. If you forgot your Windows password, no doubt you will no longer login to your Windows account or even your computer. Luckily, there are solutions to a forgotten Windows password. I used to ask myself if I forgot my Windows password, how would I do? Now, I have my answers. And here I want to share with you all.

Here is how I reset my forgotten Windows password:

First of all, I will check which account password I have forgotten. Is it the administrator password or normal user account password? If the normal user account password is forgotten, then no need to worry at all since I can still login into my administrator account and change the forgotten user account password.

If it is the administrator password I’ve forgotten, things will get a little bit complicated since the normal user account does not have the permission to reset any password. If I am in this situation, I will try to reset my forgotten Windows administrator password with the Windows built-in administrator account. Usually this account is hidden and without password protected by default. Then I can unhide this account by pressing “Ctrl+Alt+Del” twice at Windows login screen. Next type “Administrator” without quotations in the username box and leaving the password box blank to enter into Windows system and reset the forgotten Windows password from Control Panel.

If I failed to reset my Windows password with all the steps above, then I will download a Windows password recovery tool such as Windows Password Reset Std which can help me reset the forgotten password and gain access to my computer easily. With this tool, I’ll never find myself out of control and within 2 minutes it will help me get what I want. For more information about this magic tool, you can visit here: And if possible, you can also free download it and use it to troubleshoot your Windows password forgot problem!




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