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Forgot Windows Logon Password—Choosing Freeware or Commercial Software to Reset It?

“I forgot Windows logon password on my Windows 7 home premium 64bit HPDV 6 laptop. Unfortunately I am not using finger print login. Can anybody suggest a method to overcome this problem without causing my file lost? Any good free or commercial applications are both okay since it’s quite urgent for me do this. I now have a system repair discs and HP recovery discs, please help me!!!”  Asked by John in

With a system repair disc or HP recovery discs, one can reset the forgotten computer password by reinstalling system. However, this might cause serious data loss. I will never recommend such stupid method. On the market, there are so many professional password recovery tools, why not give them a shot? I know some of them are free, and others are commercial. However, to choose a freeware application to reset forgotten Windows logon password or a commercial one, that’s a question, at least for many computer users. Well, in this article, I’ll show you some reasons why you should choose a commercial application to reset Windows login password.

  1. Some freeware password recovery tools such as Ophcrack, PC Login Now, Offline NT etc. are not able to crack Windows passwords which are a little bit long and complicated.
  2. Compared with free password recovery applications, Windows Password Reset Deluxe—a trusted name among professional commercial Windows password recovery applications, can recover any lost or forgotten Windows password, in spite of its length and complexity.
  3. In most cases, commercial applications can quickly reset the lost Windows password for users with pretty much easier operation and safer way.

From the reasons above, it’s obvious to choose a commercial software program like Windows Password Reset Std to deal with the Windows logon password forgot problem. For more information about this powerful Windows password recovery tool, please visit here:


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