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Forgot Windows 7 Password – How to Unlock Windows 7 Password with Two Approaches

It is well-known that we are not unfamiliar with Windows 7 operating system. Although since the Smartphone has come to our eyes, the Microsoft has focused on the Windows Phone, and we cannot ignore the importance of Windows 7 OS of PCs. Aside from the Windows 8 has brought how much convenience to customers, the Windows 7 has been used in our life for so many years, and I think unless some Windows fans who are likely to chase for the newly thing, most of ordinary users still used Windows 7 at recent time, and they have been used to the familiar user interface and perhaps they need more time to adapt the new Windows 8. Therefore, Windows 7 still can be popular in the last few years.

If let me talk about where I like the Windows 7, I have to say all my programs and files can be organized, my taskbar and desktop can be taskbar, The page or document I want can be quickly viewing and launching. At the same time, I like the cool built-in touch-screen features. But can I say that Windows 8 has no such features? No, I can’t. Maybe Windows 8 is better than Windows 7, but I still love Windows 7. I have used in using Windows 7 so I will never changed it to Windows 8 until it is out of date. And I believe in that Windows 7 is not so easy to be died out.


We all know that Windows OS is not always perfect. Sometimes there are some errors, more than anything, can drive us crazy and anxious. Except for some plain old errors, it must be some bugs and Easter Eggs hidden in all versions of Windows. The Windows 7 is not in the exception. I don’t know what they are; neither can I list of them. But in my experience of using Windows 7, the login password problem is always so troublesome. What I mention here is when I forgot Windows 7 password by accident, I couldn’t find out an effective method to unlock it. That makes my life in a mess at times. I am fed up with it and I tired of shouting I forgot my Windows 7 password so I collected two methods from the Internet as below.

Approach 1: Make use of Windows 7 password reset disk when you forgot password Windows 7

How to recover forgotten password on Windows 7? If you visit the Microsoft Windows forum, you will find out a solution after you have forgotten password Windows 7 carelessly, which is using the Windows 7 password reset disk. You can insert this disk to your locked computer and do as the instruction shows, at last reset your Windows 7 password and then restart your system and login your account with the new password. But the pre-condition for this method is that you have a Windows 7 password reset disk and you have created this disk before you forgot the password.

Approach 2: Take advantage of the third party program when you have forgotten Windows 7 password

I have to bring it to your attention that Windows has not provided a way to reset a Windows 7 password. However, there are tools which you can download from another computer that you can use to reset your windows 7 password after you have forgotten passwords Windows 7 in any reasons. You can use SmartKey Windows Password Recovery, which is a very effective Windows 7 password recovery tool, which will reset the password for you. It is an easy to use, safe and fast app and you can recover your lost Windows 7 password at ease. For more details about it you can visit here:

Due to personal ability is limited, maybe there are several other solutions but I haven’t record them now, welcome to tell me and leave your comment here.


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