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Forgot Password Windows 7 – How to Recover Forgotten Windows 7 Password

I think we all know that there is a Windows operating system called Windows 7. It is a well-known Windows 7 operating system and you can create a Windows login password on it to protect your personal privacy. However, have you ever lost your Windows 7 password before? I think some of you may answer yes. It is not shame to lose or forgotten your Windows 7 password, you can use some of the useful methods to unlock Windows 7 login password. Therefore, if you forgot Windows 7 password by accident, you might as well take some time reading this article about how to recover forgotten password on Windows 7 ( easily.


forgogt Windows 7 password

Windows 7 is a better Windows OS than Windows XP, do you agree with this opinion? I think it is not only because it has more advantage than Windows XP, but also Windows 7 is actually be accepted by lots of users. Even though nowadays, a survey still shows that Windows 7 beat other Operating System well. Therefore, it your operating system is Windows 7, then congratulations you are the one of the lucky guys who has installed Windows 7 OS.

However, if you forgot Windows 7 password, it will be a big problem for you. You have to find out ways to recover forgotten Windows 7 password. But how to do that with yourself when you have forgotten password Windows 7? You can use the below methods.

Method 1: Recover forgotten Windows 7 password with password hint

Every Windows 7 computer, no matter it is laptop or desktop, has a Windows password hint when you create the account login password. It is not required for you to type it, but it is very helpful once you forgot password on Windows 7 because with this password hint, you are more likely to remind what the Windows 7 user password is. Such as you set your father’s birthday as the password and the password hint is the birthday of your father, but you have forgotten it, then once you see the password hint, you will remind of it sooner or later. At this time, this password hint is quite helpful to recover forgotten passwords Windows 7.

Method 2: Recover forgotten password Windows 7 with third-party tool

This method is another popular way to recover Windows 7 password when you forgot it. With such tool, you can easily recover your Windows 7 password and you don’t need to know too much about computers as well. Just using three steps and several clicks, then your password will be found with that tool.

To be honest, you can just use only one tool to recover it. Because one tool is good enough, but you also choose a better program to use and here I recommend the SmartKey Windows Password Recovery to you. I think the third party tool is just like cosmetic, you have to choose the better product that suits your problem.

Are you curious about how to use this Windows password recovery software? You can spend some time and have a see it as below:

Step 1: Download SmartKey Windows Password Recovery from in another computer and then install it. Then click to open this tool.

Step 2: Burn this Windows password recovery tool to be a Windows password reset disk with a flash drive and then take the flash drive to your locked computer.

Step 3: Restart your locked computer and then press F8 before the login screen appears. Do as the instruction shows and then choose the locked account you want to recover. Then remove the password successfully.


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