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How to fix computer freezes issues?

If you are reading this article, I think you have gotten the trouble-your computer freezes now. But you are lucky enough to read this article I write, it is very easy to fix the issue ouccurs on your screen except three simple steps. You may have searched on the Internet and browsed some informations about computer freezes, but which one is the best for you to solve this problem? I believe you haven’t got your answer yet. Let me help you to analyst it. one of the most common reasons why a computer freezes is hardware, meaning the video card, random access memory (RAM), or another component may be underperforming. Software also can lead to computer freezes after startup, as can issues with drivers, the operating system, and malware; all these things can stop a computer from working properly. If problems above come up to you,just take the following steps:

Step 1. Create a rescue boot disc or usb drive
There are kinds of software enable you to fix pc freezes issue. Free ones are unstable and always poor in function, you can use them if you don’t have any money to purchase a better one. But if possible, I suggest you to buy a better one. It is worth to spend a little money and get more convenience.
LiveBoot is one of the best rescue boot software, its program is well designed .But it is expensive compare with its function and unamiable operating interface.
I think Fix Genius is the most appropriate software for you to fix pc freezes issue. This one owns better price and is multifunctional . You just insert your CD/USB into the computer and click the “burn” button, the process will be done in several minutes.

Step 2.Set computer boot from CD/USB .
Press F2 or Delete to enter into the BIOS during the startup. Choose CDROM or USB Device as the first option for the Boot Device Priority under Boot meun.

Step 3.Fix computer freezes by created CD/USB
Insert the CD/USB into the computer and restart computer. You will enter into a WinPE systsem with a icon “Fix Genius” on its desktop, double click it to run the software. A friendly operation interface will come up to you, then just follow the directors to rescue your computer. You can finish the whole process within ten minutes.
The solution above is available for you unless it gets a hardware broken. What you should do is easy steps to rescue your computer and keep it on work soon. You can also fix computer freezes once you’ve learned this. I hope my experience is available for you once the problem occurs.


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