Reset Windows 8 Login Password

Windows 8 password recovery

How to reset lost/forgotten Windows 8 password of free

Just forget or lost your Windows 8 password that you set it in several minutes ago. Will you feel afraid to believe that. Don’t be sad. There are several methods provided for you to reset Windows 8 password of free. You can consider which method is best for you. Method 1: Reset your Microsoft account …Continue reading


Windows 8 Password Reset – How to Reset or Recover Windows 8 Password Without Reinstalling System

How to reset or recover Windows 8 password instead of reinstalling systems? You can use a Windows password recovery program to do that and in this method you will not lose your data at all.Continue reading


Windows Password Recovery – Is it Always Such A Pain to Forget Windows Password?

There is no doubt that Microsoft Windows OS is the most popular operating system in the world. Almost all the computers in the market install Windows OS, except for Mac OS. If you happen to be a Windows OS user, do you create a password on it? If yes, have you ever forgotten your created …Continue reading


Windows 8 Password Recovery – How to Remove or Reset Windows 8 Password with Four Methods

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