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Windows 8 black screen of death?-here’s the solution!

We can still fix windows 8 black screen of death even though the automatic repair is failed.Continue reading


The way to backup windows and partition hard drive

It is a common phenomenon that the system of the computer is easy to get corrupted after has been used for a long time without any refresh or cleaning. And what is worse, it would lead to unstable or makes some program fail to run. Backup system image and partition hard drive properly can protect …Continue reading


Windows won’t boot fix

System errors like disk boot failure,insert system disk,invalid partition table,system not found,error loading operating system,ntldr is missing,bootmgr is missing,ntoskrnl.exe missing,ntfs.sys is missing,hal.dll missing,mbr error,invalid boot.ini,bad sectors are common computer issues. They may be a disaster for who knows little about how to deal with them. There are a lot of related informations online, but most …Continue reading


Troubleshoot the system with windows 7 boot disk

More common use of windows 7 boot disk Usually, the system on the computer would becomes unstable and even can’t boot by uncertain reasons after has been used for a long time. No one can accept this for whom use computer everyday. In case our system works like that, we’d better create a Windows boot …Continue reading


What can we do to stop computer crash or computer keeps rebooting

Does your computer crash or keeps restarting If you are reading this article, I think you have gotten the trouble-your computer keeps restarting or crash now. Don’t worried, these issues can be fixed easily if you can find a proper solution. There you can see many informations on the Internet, but which one is the …Continue reading


What is computer runs into bootmgr is missing or hard drive failure

What is “bootmgr is missing”error ? Most of us have the experience of computer run into error,such as bootmgr is missing. The most common reasons for BOOTMGR errors include corrupt and misconfigured files, hard drive and operating system upgrade issues, corrupt hard drive sectors, an outdated BIOS, and damaged or loose hard drive interface cables.Hard …Continue reading


Solutions to “ntldr is missing”

What is “ntldr is missing”? Ntlddr is the files that systems uses to boot, if they are damaged or deleted by unknown reasons, a warn like “ntldr is missing” would come up to you and arouse your attention. That means you can’t use your computer as usual until the error is fixed.It is possiblely caused …Continue reading


How to create a bootable usb

Applications of bootable usb With the rapid development of computer science, more and more netbook and tablet PC have been widely used. There are some laptops which they have not drive, so when you want to install some software or operating system, you have to do that by create bootable usb. A bootable usb is …Continue reading


Easy approach of Windows 7 Recovery

As you may know, we can’t use computer well out of a unbroken system. So if your Windows 7 incurs bug, or lost its data unexpectedly, laptop is not really an effective machine any more. Then a Windows 7 Recovery must be taken. We can recover system by sorts of means, but which is the …Continue reading


How to fix computer freezes issues?

If you are reading this article, I think you have gotten the trouble-your computer freezes now. But you are lucky enough to read this article I write, it is very easy to fix the issue ouccurs on your screen except three simple steps. You may have searched on the Internet and browsed some informations about …Continue reading